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Garage Conversion: converting a garage to a room

Want to see an example of how a home looks after the garage has been converted in to interior living space (like a living room)? To see several pictures (from inside and outside) of a garage that had the back wall removed to open it to rest of the ground floor (plus photos of the detached garage addition), scroll down in this box. For more "after" pictures of conversions, click here: garage to room conversions.

garage before conversion3 converted garage is living room with open floor plan
First, here are before and after photos of what used to be the garage (from two similar angles). On the left above is what the garage looked like at first. in both photos, the wall on the left is the same wall. in the photo on the right, you can see that the original wall in the back of the garage has been removed.

front of home before garage conversion front of home after garage conversion
Next, here are before and after shots from the yard. The first set are from the front curb, showing where the 1-car garage door was replaced with a window of the same width (plus a new paved driveway forks off of the original pavement). The lower set shows the rear view of the house. In the bottom right photo, the new detached garage addition is on the side plus a whole lot more concrete (which means a lot less grass to mow).
rear of home before garage conversion rear of home after garage conversion



More "before and after" photos of the complete renovations to lower level of the home

On the right are the other "after" pictures of the interior. To see all the photos, scroll to the right. Put your mouse over each image to learn more.
open floor plan
garage converted to open living room

Here is the source page for these photos: before & after photos from converting a garage into a family room

If you are just starting to plan a garage conversion and want to read our planning FAQs, then click here: costs, codes, permits, etc. Last, contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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Photo galleries of garage conversions (Click any of the images below for more.)

the garage on the left was converted to a bedroom:
plus a new 2-car garage was built on the right.
this 1-car garage was converted to a cozy living room:
with a brand new fireplace & laminate wood flooring.
this garage went from a recreation room to...
a stunning entertainment lounge (click for photos)
In addition to building new garages, we can also convert your existing garage to an entertainment lounge (or remodel it in to any other kind of room you would like).
the interior of a garage converted to a bedroom:
a detached garage converted to an office:
garage conversion to home office
a conversion to a living room
garage-to-room conversions
a remodeled garage with a loft
Still legally a garage, the addition of a loft in the back (over the laundry room) makes an extra sleeping area. To see this converted garage from another angle, click this link AND scroll down to the very bottom of the page.
a conversion to a studio apartment / guest suite:
garage conversion to guest house or studio apartment
another conversion to a bedroom:
We can also convert your garage to another room, like enclosing it in to a bedroom.

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