Garage conversion PLUS construction of a new garage or carport

When our general contractors convert your garage in to a home addition or apartment, that might not be all the home renovations that you need. In many cases, homeowners will even be legally required to have off-street covered parking (as in a garage or carport).

Or, like in the case shown here, the issue may not be building codes so much as the preferences of the homeowner. Their existing 1-car garage was just too small for the family's needs. So, first a new 2-car garage was built far to the right (plus the new driveway). Then, after the bigger garage was ready for use, the 1-car garage was converted in to an extra bedroom, plus extensive changes were made to the landscaping, plus the porch at the front door was enclosed (as part of a major expansion of a small kitchen).

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After you contact us, our general contractors will get a quick summary of your priorities and then help you understand the budget range that will fit with each of the most relevant options. Then, if everything is a fit, they will convert your garage, build you a new one, and do whatever other remodeling is best for you. To see another example, here is a gallery of interior photos showing a garage conversion in to a living room along with major renovations to a kitchen and a bathroom: garage conversion plus renovations.