Garage conversions plus home renovations

When our contractors convert your garage in to a home addition, that might not be all the home renovations that you need. Sometimes expanding the home in to what used to be your garage can allow for lots of other interior renovations to integrate and complement the garage conversion. We'll focus on a case like that on this page. (Another very common issue is a need for the construction of some other covered parking- like a new garage or carport- as shown in this example: conversion plus new garage & more.)

garage converted to home addition conversion-from-a-garage

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While the most popular use for the converted garage is a bedroom (or even a studio apartment), living rooms are also common. Imagine starting with a typical 2-car garage, then raising the ceiling to convert it to a cozy living room.

You'd never know that the big windows replaced the opening for the garage doors. On the left, a central feature of this living room converted from a garage is the built-in fireplace with inlaid tile.

Next, let's look at this renovated space from the opposite angle. Where there used to be a plain back wall of the garage (with only a door to go from the garage to the home), that wall is almost entirely gone. By removing a few other interior walls, the old kitchen not only opens in to the new living room (formerly the garage), but also allows for greatly enlarging the kitchen by taking over space (along the right of this photo) that was previously a hallway. The kitchen was completely rebuilt, too, starting with a gorgeous wood flooring that extends in to the new living room (converted from a garage). This angle shows that the kitchen is also open to the dining room (to the rear right). Along where a wall used to be, the central island features an overhead exhaust vent hanging just above the stove top. From this angle, we see that the countertop extends here past the cabinets underneath. Also, on the right, notice the extra wide refrigerator with enough space for the whole family. Standing at that refrigerator, here is the view looking from the kitchen toward the new living room (the garage-to-room conversion). Last, to top it all off, these homeowners also wanted an old bathroom remodeled and updated. The tile floor and the brick walls are about all that remains of the original bathroom. The twin mirrors hang at a tilt so that even the shortest members of the household will be able to see their reflections. The above renovations were built by one of our contractors in Texas. That particular home is in Houston (in Greater Heights on Blair Street).