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1) "I have a garage and I want it converted in to something else."

2) "I want to make a garage by converting something else to one."

3) "After converting my garage, I realize I need an expert's help."

In addition to the service of converting a garage in to a room addition (or apartment), many of homeowners in Georgia ask us about other renovations. If you would like our general contractors in Stockbridge GA to give you a bid that includes any other services (like renovations throughout other parts of your home or the construction of a new garage or carport), then select the appropriate option below. If you only want a garage conversion, simply click #1.

1) "The only service I am interested in right now is a garage conversion."

2) "I'd like my garage converted and a new parking structure built."

3) "I'd like a garage conversion in addition to other renovations."

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In addition to converting garages all over Atlanta, our Georgia general contractors will also provide a wide range of custom construction & remodeling services in neighboring cities (& counties), including these parts of Henry County:

Locust Grove